Seam: How it works

Track employee efficacy across departments using live effort insights. Save up to 25% on OpEx while rewarding your top performers.

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Connect your tools across 35+ apps

Seam ingests your company data across the entire organization, including Jira, GitHub, Asana, Salesforce, Intercom, and more. Once your apps are authenticated, Seam starts syncing data points from every team within minutes.


Develop custom benchmarking tools

Once your apps are finished syncing, Seam analyzes your data and understands its relationship between individuals and teams. In turn, you’ll have access to bespoke knowledge graphs of who’s doing what, where, when, and with whom.


Visualize performance across teams

Seam leverages these synced datasets to visualize effort and engagement across teams and individuals. In turn, this allows your managers to identify top performers, who's at risk of burnout, and who's at risk of quiet quitting.


Take action with real-time insights

Using Seam’s engagement insights, your management teams will be equipped to build and lead high-performing teams. After onboarding, Seam begins to immediately deliver proactive insights that drive timely interventions and boost employee efficiency.

Seam helps us easily reward and retain our highest performers while staying lean as we continue to scale. No brainer for any high-growth founder.

Scott Sonneborn Co-Founder & CEO at Tydo