Frequently asked questions

How will Seam impact our team culture?

From our experience onboarding countless enterprise customers, Seam quickly drives a positive cultural impact across the entire org. More specifically, integrating Seam into your performance management system improves morale for high performers.

Does Seam track clicks and screens?

No, Seam does not engage in mouse tracking, key logging, software installs, or browser monitoring. Seam focused on actual work output by aggregating existing performance data to make it easier to digest and help leaders understand what’s really going on in their company.

How will implementing Seam make our employees feel?

Leading remote and hybrid teams requires additional tooling – simply as a function of not being in the office. Seam delivers this extra layer, helping leaders manage their team more effectively.

Critically, best-in-class operators and A players love this style of measurement because it makes their effort and performance clear and obvious to their managers.

Does Seam replace employee performance reviews?

No, Seam doesn’t replace existing performance reviews. In fact, we’re strong believers in reviews. Instead, Seam injects quantitative data into OKRs and performance reviews, enabling managers to provide better accountability and transparency while helping recognize top talent.

After onboarding with Seam, our technology will work hand-in-hand with your existing performance management systems.

How does Seam help me reward top talent?

Historically, top performing team members want to work with other A players – full stop. Your best employees will likely leave over time if you don’t upskill or remove low performers. Seam specifically helps companies create high-performing environments across every department.

Is Seam just a piece to determine overall employee performance?

100%. Seam’s data helps managers contextualize performance across individual contributors, but shouldn’t be the only data point involved in reviews. We believe that qualitative context is extremely important to keep using, while also leveraging output and effort data as a transparent way to see trended performance of employees and engagement in a fast-growing company.

Will my data on Seam be shared with the whole company?

The decision to share data sharing is not mandatory and is a decision made by every team and organization. Some of our customers at Seam prefer to keep performance data within the executive team, while others share openly with their employees.

Does Seam allow phased rollouts or tiered applications?

Your team can choose to deploy Seam to a certain segment of your company, instead of the entire organization all at once. We can also scope down functionality to focus on a particular aspect of the platform and customize to your team’s needs: including standard meeting analysis, SaaS utilization, team contributions, and right down to individual analysis.

Does Seam install software on employees' computers?

No, Seam will never install software on your team’s monitors and will never violate your employees’ personal privacy. Trust and privacy are key tenets of Seam’s platform and values.